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Sushi Menu - October 2015

Chef Mai by OFGS(Z) Chef Mai

舞 Mai means DANCE in Japanese. Your taste buds will surely dance with joy! For the best and freshest Sushi in town, a visit to the kitchen at Nippon Sushi Mai Catering in Rhodes Park is a must. Menu is available for download in this blog.

Sushi Kitchen Menu - October 2015

Seafood Nigiri (2pc) K20
1. 鮭 Salmon
2. 炙り鮭 ABURI Salmon
3. 漬け鮪 ZUKE Tuna

Vegetable Nigiri (2pc) K10
4. たまご Sushi Egg

Battle ship (2pc)
5. 鮭 Salmon K15
6. カニカマ Crab Stick Mayo K10
7. コーンマヨSweet Corn Mayo K10

Futo Maki (4pc) K65
8. 花 Blossom - Salmon & Sushi Egg
9. 海老サラダ Prawn Salad - Prawn & Lettuce & Cucumber & Mayo

Hoso Maki Seafood (6pc) K35
10. 鮭 Salmon
11. 鮪 Tuna
12. エビ Prawn

Hoso Maki Vegetable (6pc) K25
13. きゅうり Cucumber
14. アボカド Avocado
15. トマト Semi-dried Tomato

Seafood California Roll (8pc) K65
16. 鮭 Salmon, Avocado, Sushi Egg & Cucumber
17. 鮪 Tuna, Avocado, Sushi Egg & Cucumber
18. カニカマ Crab stick, Avocado, Sushi Egg & Cucumber
19. 天ぷら Tempura Prawn, Avocado & Cream Cheese

Vegetable California Roll (8pc) K45
20. きゅうりむち~ず Cucumber & Cream Cheese
21. アボきゅう Cucumber & Avocado
22. きのことトマト Mushroom & Tomato & Basil

Dress up roll (6pc) K65
23. 芸者巻き Geisha roll in Zambia - Salmon & Avocado

大皿 Special Platter (order in advance)
24. For 5-6 people (50pc) K450
25. For 2-3 people (25pc) K250

26. For 5-6 people (42pc) K450
27. For 2-3 people (21pc) K250
Salmon ball, Salmon roll, Spicy tuna roll, Tempura crab stick roll, Teriyaki chicken roll, Tomato and oyster mushroom roll

お弁当 Bento Box (order in advance)
28. Salmon Loco Moco K40 (Large) K30 (Small)
29. Teriyaki Chicken K58 (Large) K42 (Small)
30. Chicken KATU K73 (Large) K50 (Small)
31. Fish KATU K82 (Large) K55 (Small)
32. Teriyaki Fish K63 (Large) K50 (Small)

Takeaway Miso Soup & Tea

Miso Soup K10
33. わかめのお味噌汁 Seaweed Miso Soup

Teas K8
34. 緑茶 Green Tea
35. カフェインレス緑茶 Decaf Green Tea
36. はちみつ生姜 Honeyed Ginger Tea
37. チャイ Chai Tea

Please ask a member of staff for full allergen information on every dish. Some of the products may contain nuts or other allergens, shell or traces of bone.

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13 Omelo Mumba Road, City Gym Complex (RED BUILDING), Rhodes Park, Lusaka (near Chit Chat)

Telephone Sushi Mai on +260 963 734661 or +260 964 528231

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